Manilow back view

Barry, Barry, Oh Barry

No artist in the history of music has inspired such a polarized reaction as Barry Manilow. While there are millions of people who could not wait to buy his records or attend his concerts, they were offset by millions who felt he was overexposed and predicable. While he dominated the music charts in the seventies and eighties with 25 U.S Pop Chart Top Forty hit singles and sold over 27.5 million albums in the U.S. throughout his career, his critics were relentless. They labeled him Mr. Mayonnaise, an expert at writing and singing bland, schmaltzy, overwrought ballads that pretty much sounded the same. However, once you understand things about his early life and his initial career aspirations, you will have a different view of him While I initially dreaded doing an update on his biography, I actually enjoyed doing the research as it gave me an entirely new perspective on a man that is largely misunderstood. Give his biography a read, you will enjoy it.

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