Split Enz band photo

Split Enz – New Zealand’s Best Musical Export

I have just updated the biography of New Zealand’s number one contribution to the music industry, Split Enz. This remarkably talented band was first led by Tim Finn and became famous for their explosive, glam like stage shows, compete with props, costumes, makeup, and outrageous hair styles. Unfortunately, their eccentric combination of art, experimental, and folk pop was too complex for the average listener and their albums did not sell anywhere outside of Australia and New Zealand, and only minimally in those countries. When Neil Finn joined his brother in the band in 1977, Tim simplified their sound, allowed his brother to write songs and sing lead, and they rose to prominence in the U.S. and England. They also began to sell loads of records in Australia and New Zealand. This version of the band were performance giants, well worth their lofty ranking in the rankings section of this website. Give the bio a road if you want to find out about a band that has been mostly forgotten but could hold their own with anyone in the early eighties.

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